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When lawyers need to go to court, they have to prepare "bundles" of documents and journals, in chronological order, for printing in hard-copy paper form, to post to the firm acting opposite them and to the court judge. The process requires a lot of manual steps to print, review and decide which of the many thousands of documents need to be printed for us in the bundle, and in what order to prepare the bundle. These days, an electronic copy in the form of a PDF is also in high demand.

eWay CRM has a great journal function, along with the Hub and printing functionality. It should be relatively easy to add a "flag" against each item in the journal to be marked ready for print, and perhaps to determine the order they flagged items are to be printed with a visual drag up or down the print order list.

We would be willing to invest in making this feature reality by way of buying more user licenses.

Suggested by: Coplexia Cloud SSC Upvoted: 16 Apr, '19 Comments: 0

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