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Please have the option to show this calculated field: First Name Last Name (email). I, and I am sure thousands of your users to, use First Name Last Name (email) to send professionally looking individual bulk emails. As this field is not currently shown, I have to manually force Excel to do it before sending professionally looking individual bulk emails. If eway had this easy capability, then it will save me the steps of having to do it in Excel. I recognize that not everybody will use this feature. Hence, you might want to select it as an optional display in your settings. Fyi, First Name Last Name (email) was shown by default in the old Microsoft Outlook Contact Manager. Hence, this indicates that this feature was and is useful to thousands of your users, some of them former Outlook Contact Manager users. Thanks.

Suggested by: Fernando Portes Upvoted: 16 Sep, '19 Comments: 2

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Comments: 2

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