Automatic Refresh When New Records Are Added to the Contacts Module

When I open the Contacts Module and screen for company XXX and I add new contacts under that company, those new records/contacts are not automatically shown after they are added. Instead, I must go out of the module, return to the module, and select company XXX again for the new records to show, which is unneccesarily time consuming. Adding records to the Contacts module is done by thousands of your users, as it is a quite a common task.

Please improve this by:
1. Modifying eWay to automatically refresh the Contacts Module when new records/contacts are added (preferred).

2. Add a shortcut/buttom to refresh the view.

3. If 1 and 2 are not widely accepted, as you have done with many features, which is one thing which makes Eway really great, its ability to customize it to whatever way you want to use it, please add an administrate option to activate or deactivate this feature.


Done Suggested by: Fernando Portes Upvoted: 03 Sep, '19 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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